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March 11, 2011
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Princess Toadstool vs. Peach by drachenlilly Princess Toadstool vs. Peach by drachenlilly
Old school Peach:"Is that what I'm changed into now...?"
New Peach:"Is that what I used to look like...?"

Originally, I found that the princess's name was always 'Peach', even when she was a redhead. 'Toadstool' was the name she was referred to in the US with earlier games and in the animated show.


I'm probably the only one, but I liked her better as a redhead. The animation was quite, er, different then vs. what we're used to seeing in Japanese animation now, but the fact that there aren't too many princesses out there with red hair (aside from Ariel) is what drew me to Toadst, er, old-school Peach's appearance. I also like the old dress better. I'm not fully sure what the point in turning Peach into a blonde was for, as they could have kept her a redhead and just improved on the was she's drawn easily. Nothing against blondes, but all princesses/heroines/mermaids don't have to have long blonde hair and blue eyes.

I found another one with a similar idea that I thought was funny. :)


Peach (c) Nintendo, DIC
art (c) DrachenLilly
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I like redheads better, so I prefer her old design.

I think old-school Peach should return as maybe Peach from an alternate dimension, maybe named Scarlet.

RollZero Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're not the only one, I prefer her with red hair too since that's the way she was introduced back in the first NES game lol
When I was showing a friend's kids the old Mario cartoon because they are big Mario fans they asked me why Peach changed her hair when she looked better as a red head over a blonde XD I found that rather funny considering they've only played Mario from the DS games and on.
for all i know they could play it of as hair coloring or that Toadstool is Peach's mom... how old is mario anyway?
The old Peach looks so great!
But but now she looks better.
I don't see a girl with brown hair dressed in a pink dress
II-edison-II Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
At first when I saw this show I though she was Princess Daisy :XD:
Then I realised she was infact Peach... ._.
they changed her good ^^
nidokingandmukfan98 Apr 5, 2013  Student Interface Designer
BlackWidowPoptropica Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Princess Toadstool IS Princess Peach... or at least that is what I thought when watching this show.
ha, that's great. A fun comparative look between the old design and the current. I find myself missing the old cartoon design more and more these days!
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